Friday, May 11, 2012

Now pick yourself up off the floor. I said that I would load some more while I have everything working properly (which isn't often for me). I am trying out a new editor so the free version adds a little ad in the middle of this video, but it sure was easy to use. And it does everything. I am going to try out a few more, but so far this one has my vote. This video has a very clever tip for using those hard to apply Peel-Offs. You know the ones. They wrap around your fingers and stretch beyond recognition. Well, Deanna at Elizabeth Crafts at the 2012 Winter CHA Show showed us a very handy technique for applying them. Hope you enjoy!
Believe it or not, I have been desperately trying to update my blog with my latest (and now old) video. At first I could not get it uploaded to YouTube. I finally accomplished that, but then I had trouble with the new Google format. I was determined today to make the conversion to the new format. I am so sorry for all the delays. I will try to add some other videos from CHA's in the past to make up for this lost time. Now I can get busy on creating some new videos for you regarding Reviving Old Techniques. Plus I have a new technique that I might video for you, too. I know it's not within the theme of my Blog, but I think it's very important to show. It relates to using Gelli Arts new Gel Plate and Fred Mullett's stencils to create an unusual technique. I'll try to complete that over the next week or two. In the meantime, I have the video that was made regarding Wax Paper. This is again an old technique with a couple of twists, possibly. I hope you enjoy it. And again, I am so sorry for being behind in my commitment to you. You can view the video here: